Slayer Propel 13

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This model has the same open deck layout and fast stable hull as our popular Slayer series plus an extra-large rudder
for quick maneuverability. Our unique Propel system (patent pending) is the only pedal drive system that can be pedaled
in reverse, an essential capability when stalking and battling the catch of the day. The ability to pedal backwards allows
you to stay on target against the wind or in changing currents.

- Flat Deck for Standing and Stripping Line
- Open Stern Hatch with Scuppers and Molded
in Fishing Crate and Bait Bucket Indents
- Behind the Seat Small Hatch with Bucket
- Rudder
- Solid Aluminum Carry Handles
- Flush Mount Rod Holder

- Groove

- Slayer Propel First Class Seat

- Electronics Console

- Open Bow Hatch w/ Scuppers and Optional Hatch Cover

- Quiet Stable Hul
- Propel 
- Super Seal Plug


Length:13' 2"  401 cm
Width:33" 84 cm
Fitted Weight:85 lbs 38.5 kg
Depth @ Beam:13" 33 cm
Capacity:400 lbs 181 kg

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