Day Pack "Falcon S."

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Product Description

Your constant companion

Falcon S. provides similar functions to its bigger siblings. With its capacity of 35 liters divided into two chambers,
it is suitable for day trips or can be used as a city bag. For water sport enthusiasts it is a compact solution to transport supplies.
When anchoring behind the swell, Day Pack can serve as the home base when out surfing, especially when the beach is hard to
reach in wavy conditions.


Falcon S. is pulled along on a leash. It has an adaptive anchoring system, which keeps it in one place even in a current or wavy
conditions. Its patent-registered gauge pressure system along with a PU-hard shell combines aquadynamics with extreme durability.
Quickly inflated by means of a valve, its two circumferential gasproof zips keep out dampness 100% even on longer lasting journeys.


Day Pack is very robust and protects of the luggage content. The stable shape of the PU-hard shell serves as perfect wearing comfort.
The harness of Day Pack Falcon S. consists of two ergonomically formed shoulder straps and a cushioned waist strap.


robust, tear-resistant outer material
      100% waterproof, integrated PU hard shell
•    capacity of ca. 35 l
•    2 water- and gasproof chambers
      seperated by an adjustable membrane
•    2 circumferential gas- & waterproof zips
•    patent-registered gauge pressure system providing
      inherent stability and reduction of drag afloat
•    3 m leash
•    attachable diving flag
•    high quality harness with shoulder and waist strap
•    signal arrows
•    repair kit + glue

Optional components
•    adaptive anchoring system
•    3 m leash

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