Rescue Tube
length for rescue strap:1.70mtrs..
SB-2: Basket spine board
The best model for ice rescue!!!- X-ray translucent.- Professionally designed as a basket shape and well protect  patients when transferring.- Compatible with most head immobilizers. Angled edges for  log-rolling.- Skin surface avoid sliding; Convex underside for quick hold  up.- ..
Head Immobilizer-01
Compatible with most spine boards on the market. Features side blocks with wide, fast-stick closures for a snug fit and largecircular ear holes to monitor bleeding and fluid drainage. Comes with twohead/chin straps and a base plate that adheres easily to the board. Xray,MRI and CT compatible. Waterproof and ..
Rescue Can
Water Rescue Tool Very helpful when save drowning people in a distance Size:70*24*14.5cm..
- Available with 8 pins; - X-ray translucent; - Compatible with most head immobilizers; - Central slot in the lower half of board to immobilize each leg   separately; - One-piece, hollow inside and circle handholds around; - Impervious to all bodily fluids and easy to decontaminate; - It is buoyant, and if ..
SB3 Series
SB-3: Super spine board ( Dual use for land and water)- Available with 12 pins;- X-ray translucent;- Compatible with most head immobilizers;- One-piece, hollow inside and circle handholds around;- Impervious to all bodily fluids and easy to decontaminate;- It is best buoyant type, and if by dint of other floating tools..
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